56 a fahsan pahn!

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Re: 56 a fahsan pahn!
My only real worry is that Fuji isn't the biggest company, so if the X line doesn't turn profits for them, it could be dropped.

I guess those rumours are unfounded: FR just published today that it is the x- line that is the cash cow within Fujifilm, compacts will be more or less dropped and X- business expanded because only there is money to be made (cameras and lenses).

I also believe it is quite realistic now that Fuji will eventually release the mythic organic sensor, and that it will start almost a new era. It is rumoured to have exceptional DR (clearly better than cmos), extra low noise and great high ISO even when Pixels get as small as 3µm - which will allow for very densely packed APSc sensors without compromising the IQ.

If this will become reality, Fuji can make a true leap in market share. So far all they have done in the x- ILC domain was very good, and also well received.

The only problematic thing might be them entering the FF market, because this would mean competition in- house, also the value of Dx lenses will diminish.


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