56 a fahsan pahn!

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Re: 56 a fahsan pahn!

hexxthalion wrote:

Asylum Photo wrote:


Hopefully Fuji supports the system for a long time to come, because these lenses are expensive. I believe in investing in quality glass, but I can't help but worry about the XF series disappearing from production in a couple years for whatever reason.

I want the 56mm f1.2. Will probably get it... just... hurts the wallet.

Also want the 10-24mm but way less than the 56mm, so that'll be a low priority lens.

Dear Fuji, please continue to support the XF system for at least 10 years.

that's the reason I haven't bought anything else than 35mm and 18mm (well, that one was for free). the main stopper for me was release of lenses w/o aperture rings - that made me thinking why fuji decided to split the range of lenses without offering them in both finishes, with and without aperture rings. that's why i'm now more or less just waiting to see what's gonna happen and eyeing on Nikon's rumoured Df camera, after all it should be good and then, one day, if fuji releases FF camera or new camera based on organic sensor hopefully we will have clearer idea about the direction - but now, I don't have confidence.

The X-M1/X-A1 and XC lenses actually give me *more* confidence. It means they are supporting a wide range of users and not just a niche set. To me, that says they are investing in the product line as a whole. Given that the 23mm f1.4 released with very professional quality after the XC line released, I'm not worried about them ditching high quality gear.

My only real worry is that Fuji isn't the biggest company, so if the X line doesn't turn profits for them, it could be dropped. I'm doing my part though, I've bought 2 XF cameras, an X100 and 6 XF lenses :o

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