sx50 Canon Raw - How does it compare to CHDK raw files?

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Re: DNG 1.1 versus 1.3

I2K4 wrote:

reyalp wrote:

Unfortunately, Adobe products appear to be the only common raw software that actually supports this feature, so if you open a DNG 1.3 in other software, you see the bad pixels as colored dots.

Thanks for clear explanation. I have ACR with Elements but don't recall if tried opening the problem DNGs with it.

I'd certainly suggest the user manual / wiki documentation should point out the issue and the fix via DNG 1.1, since DNG 1.3 seems to be the default setting when first installing CHDK. I've been using CHDK DNG for years, so knew "something was up" to suddenly cause a problem. A new user could easily be discouraged without some guidance and finding a lot specks in their output.

Been trying to find a solution for a week now.. Every time I try and open the DNG in Aperture for Mac, I see black pixels all over the image.. In Adobe Camera Raw for Elements 9' it looked pristine. Now I know that issue is pertaining to DNG 1.3... I will now switch it back to 1.1 and hope it helps.. Will post my experience soon.

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