Mirrorless DSLR..sorry but they are pretty crap

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Re: Mirrorless DSLR..sorry but they are pretty crap

Promit wrote:

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Tommot1965 wrote:

:-)...Ill start the thread with a smile..but after trying a Oly EM1 today EVFs will have to be a quantum leap better before I go that way..VF blackout was terrible as was the colours that the VF displayed..Lag is also a problem..sorry and all but I fear Ill have to lug the D800 a while longer or look at the new Df or whatever its going to be called ....

if your serious about you hobby/profession then the Mirrorless is just a toy

im not prepared to lose that connection with the subject and the EVF does just that.. other than that it was not a bad camera

I must say I am not a fan of mirroless as it stands today. I have tried them and I find them a technical gimick at the moment. May be it will change, but they have a looong way to go, IMO.

What alarms me is that people who sell these mirrorless cameras are being urged to do so by sales staff in camera stores who have pressure put on them by those camera manufacturers and advise many unwary new to DSLR customers that they are the latest and greatest and "better than Optical VF's" simply because they are the "latest and supposedly greatest". These new to DSLR customers are probably unawares of the advantage that OVF's have over current technology mirrorless cameras and may be being duped into buying them when the technology isn't really there yet. Yes, they probably may suit the majority of their photography, but when itcomes to push and shove and to some critical action shots or whatever, they may fall down on the job.

One of the possibly unfortunate things about mirrorless cameras is that they are represented first and foremost by Olympus, and Olympus cameras tend to be very quirky out of the box. A lot of people don't seem to understand or appreciate that the Olympus cams work extremely well once you've set them up properly and gotten a feel for the layout and options. Similarly other manufacturers (*cough* NEX) have taken mirrorless as an opportunity to explore ... creative interface designs. So you end up with a lot of criticism of these cameras that are the result of poor or controversial design decisions rather than technical issues.

As for your comment, Lance -- I think it's just factually incorrect. Most stores have absolutely minimal stocks of mirrorless cameras and the sales people pretty consistently steer people away from them in favor of your standard Rebels and D5200s.

Well, I tend to disagree. Maybe in the town where you come from, but not what I have seen and been told.

The simple fact of the matter is that the people shooting mirrorless usually have to go out of their way to find and purchase these cameras.

Personally I refuse to buy any OVF cameras. They aren't suitable for the type of work I do. Think about that.

That's fine for you but I still believe that most are better served by OVF at this juncture. However, if the technology improves enough then maybe they will be a formative alternative.

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