Mirrorless DSLR..sorry but they are pretty crap

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Re: Mirrorless DSLR..sorry but they are pretty crap

Tommot1965 wrote:

:-)...Ill start the thread with a smile..but after trying a Oly EM1 today EVFs will have to be a quantum leap better before I go that way..VF blackout was terrible as was the colours that the VF displayed..Lag is also a problem..sorry and all but I fear Ill have to lug the D800 a while longer or look at the new Df or whatever its going to be called ....

this usually happens to folks that are unaccustomed to EVF's and after a few months use it is easily adapted…I have plenty BIF and Blue Angel shots that will rival FF…with an EVF...

if your serious about you hobby/profession then the Mirrorless is just a toy

In your eyes…a D800 is a tank in my eyes that I would never own…I'll end with a smile

im not prepared to lose that connection with the subject and the EVF does just that.. other than that it was not a bad camera

Correct not a bad camera at all if you hike several miles or bike 10-20 miles of trails or float rapids in rafts or need a lightweight package…and birding with 100-300 is great due to compactness and weight….

Still use my RX1 for indoors and family dinners, which is VERY comparable to D800 easily...

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