**Weekly Wildlife Thread Oct 27**

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Re: **Weekly Wildlife Thread Oct 27**

Hi guys,

Here's a bunch of feeding behavor taken with Canon 60D, 70-200 f2.8 IS II, 2X TC

Acorn woodpecker caching acorns

An unknown fish

Great egret with great big feet

Another unknown fish

What a day - another unknown fish!

Fish's point of view of GBH

Turkey vulture attempting to intimidate a red shouldered hawk eating a coot.

Red shouldered hawk stopped feeding to chase off the vulture.

Coot.  I returned 30 minutes later and the coot's body was still uneaten.

Look, coots have teeth inside their bills.  Here you can see the hawk enjoyed the eyes.

You guys are all wonderful shooters and nature lovers.  Gil for inviting me over to your thread many years ago and I like that you accept non-Sony equipment here.

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Tony 2

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