Mirrorless DSLR..sorry but they are pretty crap

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Try this

Tommot1965 wrote:

Interesting in you what you say in this post..and based on that I will return to the shop today and get try and get a grip on the camera setup..as your experience with the camera seems so different from mine...what setting should I set for optimum performance, as I must admit perhaps I could have done a better Job

but, and now its a but !, the VF blackout time was huge..I was shooting Jpeg to a 20MBs sd card in a shop lit with fluro tubes, I can't remember the exposure times and I've since reformatted that card

so today I will go and try to do the camera test with perhaps a better setup ...as I was surprised at the lack of performance in the key areas that I deem necessities in the studio

what's the anti shock feature ?..trust me I wanted to like this camera..the connectivity and small form factor have a lot going for it

Try setting the camera to high shutter speed and the highest fps with live view (6 fps I think it is) and AF-C. Shoot continuosly and pan the camera from left to right , let the AF work at the same time. Observe if there is any lag or "out of sync" with the live view, how long the blackout is compared to a DSLR. Also see if the camera slows down while the AF is working.

Try also how the EVF behave in a high contrast scene - any blown out highlights or blocked shadows?

Also see how it looks in low light, like a dark area, if the refresh rate slows down or the display shows noise.

If you get the opportunity to point the camera at some high speed objects, like moving cars, see if there is any motion softness visible in the viewfinder. Compare to your DSLR if you have it with you.

sgoldswo wrote:

Tommot1965 wrote:

what I mean is because of the Lag in low light and the VF blackout( which I thought was quite a bit) using the Mirrorless camera I tried today ( EM1) would be almost useless in a dim lit studio doing commercial work with a model..you could get away doing product photography..but not anything that required ebb and flow between you and the model..it was just too darn slow...

Id take on on holiday...or the pub...but that about it..and after all the Mirrorless / DSLR debates and the so called demise of the DSLR ..I just can't see how a pro will work with these new cameras unless they improve that weakness by a factor of ten ( or more )

John Gellings wrote:

Tommot1965 wrote:

if your serious about you hobby/profession then the Mirrorless is just a toy\

i.e. if the OP doesn't like them, they cannot possibly work for anyone. Photography is about framing and content... not camera wars. Most mirrorless cameras provide more resolution than 35mm film... yet, nobody complained about 35mm film being a toy.

I haven't noticed any lag in low light nor any substantive VF blackout, by the way. I think you can create such issues by adjusting the settings (turning on anti-shock etc), so I don't think you had a representative experience of the camera (it might be someone had adjusted the setting improperly in the shop). I shoot a DSLR and a variety of mirrorless cameras, you can see my thoughts on the E-M1 on my blog (see link in my signature - I never noticed these issues to mention them).

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