Mirrorless DSLR..sorry but they are pretty crap

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Re: With respect...

I'm glad for you that you just shoot and find the results you like. Personally I shoot a lot more film these days and I shoot digital the same way. I find myself trying to use the camera to get the best shot (adjusting as I go). Any tool that informs that decision is valuable. I don't want to spend hours in post picking from thousands of results. To me that isn't photography.

Do you know what? I save a lot of time in post and have a far higher keeper ratio as a consequence. Anything that informs my decisions is valuable, such as the image on an EVF. It doesn't have to be 100% accurate (any more than the meter on my FM3A) it just informs my continuous decision making (much of which I confess is completely instinctive these days). Besides, if you took your philosophy to the extreme you would be using a pinhole camera...

Do I miss shots? Hell yes. Am I concerned? Not at all - the time you spend thinking and reacting instinctively opens up new compositions for you. In any event as a prime shooter missing some shots doesn't bother me.

You aren't wrong, for you and the way you shoot. You are wrong for me and I would hazard a guess for others.

I guess we shoot different things, and it comes down to that. If you're taking pictures of static objects, slow moving animals, or landscapes, time isn't critical and wasting a few seconds adjusting settings won't cost you the shot. In that case, an EVF would be totally fine (although I still would like the option of having an OVF if things suddenly get demanding, because I have a rear screen that does everything the EVF does anyways).

However, I shoot a lot of action. If I'm a fraction of a second late on the shutter press, I end up with a dramatically different shot (and one that probably isn't as good). Sure, I could spend some time adjusting settings, but I'd actually end up with a far lower keeper rate, because the content (timing) of the shot matters much more than settings that can be adjusted during raw conversion. It's great if you have perfect histograms for every shot, but that means nothing when the right moment isn't there.

Missing shots does bother me. If a game-changing goal takes place, I'll almost definitely miss it unless my finger is on the shutter and I have the focus point on the right player. Changing settings during the event is a recipe for disaster.

In the end, I think OVFs are better for action, and EVFs are better for slow, considered shots. However, I'll still take the OVF camera, because I can use the rear screen to get the same advantages for the slow stuff.

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