Mirrorless DSLR..sorry but they are pretty crap

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Re: Mirrorless DSLR..sorry but they are pretty crap

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:-)...Ill start the thread with a smile..but after trying a Oly EM1 today EVFs will have to be a quantum leap better before I go that way..VF blackout was terrible as was the colours that the VF displayed..Lag is also a problem..sorry and all but I fear Ill have to lug the D800 a while longer or look at the new Df or whatever its going to be called ....

if your serious about you hobby/profession then the Mirrorless is just a toy

im not prepared to lose that connection with the subject and the EVF does just that.. other than that it was not a bad camera

I'll bet you never even bothered making any adjustments, just assumed the way it was sitting in the store was the best the EVF had to offer, right?

Given the growing number of pros using mirrorless cameras, it's an awfully gregarious statement to say

"if your serious about you hobby/profession then the Mirrorless is just a toy".

How about you come back when your knowledge matches your braggadocio?

The D800, like all cameras, is intended to have certain strengths, which means there are certain weaknesses. Same with any mirrorless. If a camera doesn't play to your particular desire for a strength, leave it at that. Don't appear so foolish as to dismiss an entire class of camera because you can't figure out how to set an EVF up properly.

Just the need to have the EVF set up properly is an indication of the limitations. There is some downside to all the settings - that is why you need to adjust them for different purposes.

Toy might be a strong word, but if your profession is shooting sports/action/ EVFs are not good tools. I can understand the negative reaction, because you are never properly informed about the downsides of EVFs, and it may come as a surprise.

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If, in my lifetime, I will have produced just one image that makes a real difference in the life of another, I will have achieved my highest goal as a photographer.

Actually, it works just fine out of the box, some cretin in the shop will have adjusted the settings sub optimally, no different from dialling in the diopter on an OVF (unless you see that as a limitation of OVFs?)... Ludicrous that we are even having this debate - both EVFs and OVFs are excellent for certain uses. Hence why I've very excited about the DF having a hybrid VF....

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