Should Sony buy Tesla Motors?

Started Oct 29, 2013 | Discussions thread
Peter Herth Regular Member • Posts: 498
They couldn't afford it...

I just checked both Sony and Tesla market caps, and they are almost the same, that is right now Sony is a few hundred million dollars more worth than Tesla, but that might change any day, as the Tesla stock did take a beating the last days. So independent of whether Sony would like to, they can't finance such a deal.

Apple certainly could afford Tesla and also would have the means of investing aggressively. So that is at least an interesting thought game. But that is all what it will be, as Apple has been extremely cautious about acquiring other companies. Compared to their cash reserves, Apple has spent only a minimal sum on acquisitions, rather preferring to grow itself.

Finally, there is no indication that Tesla is for sale - Elon Musk seems to be way more interested in achieving things than making money. And just from the current market cap, Tesla already eclipses many well known car manufacturers, so they don't seem to be money starved.


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