Part II: Nikon wasting time & resources on a BS retro camera

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Re: D610

DezM wrote:

Or maybe they're just waiting for the right moment to release. They probably have a target # of FF units to sell before releasing a Pro DX.

Another is that they're waiting for Canon to show their hand. Meanwhile, while both wait for the other...........the other (Olympus, Sony, Pentax) manufacturers will swoop right in with nicely spec'd out bodies / systems that will make people think.

Back in the very early days of personal computers, there was a fun little computer by Sinclair, the ZX81 . Timex got the exclusive rights to sell it in the US. It was a simple affair, used a black and white TV as monitor, used a cassette as "storage", and had a flat keyboard.

Back in Britain, Sinclair came out with a color model, the Spectrum , with chicklet keys. It was a great success, but Timex decided to milk all they could from the B&W model before introducing the color one in the US.

Commodore and Radio-Shack did not wait, and swept the market with color and better built machines.

Looks like marketeers never learn ...

Some cameras, some lenses, some computers

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