Part II: Nikon wasting time & resources on a BS retro camera

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Re: Seems clear to me.

Stacey_K wrote:

DezM wrote:

If a D610 works for you, I wonder why the D7100 does not, which is way closer to a theoretical D400 than the D610. (AF, DX sensor)

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I don't know if a D610 works for me. I'm saying that after trying it, I could get the hang of it and IF Nikon is getting away from DX at least I'm going in the same direction as well. Just wish Nikon would announce their plans so that I know what to do with my $.

I'm not clueless about what I want, I'm clueless as to Nikon's direction.

It seems pretty clear to me. They have only released consumer type slow zooms for DX. All the high end fast glass both zoom and prime have been for FX. That right there is better than a road map for me pointing which direction they are headed.

Bad arguement, nikon only made one dx f/2.8 pro level zoom (17-55) before they even offered a FF sensor. Why would they make more now ? They expect pro's to use FF lens. I would assume they have better ways to spend r&d/production costs rather than design two pro level lenses for each focal when one fits all. How many red ring lenses do canon offer their EF-S users ?

Also makes the release of a D400 even less likely. They would have to engineer and design several new lenses to make it worth owning for a pro. The FX glass is already being made.

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