How does Fuji compare to Full Frame?

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As far as high ISO goes, there is a difference, but the difference is getting smaller year after year.

The difference cannot be getting smaller year after year. The difference in noise between APS-C and FF ideal sensors is about 1 stop (2.25x) and is determined by the light collecting area only. No magic can overcome the laws of physics.

With equivalent technology, the gap will remain the same. It's possible for an APS-C camera to get closer to prior years' FF cameras, but not the best of this year's.

I suspect that we may be reaching the limit. As I understand noise, there are two primary kinds: read noise and shot noise. Read noise is noise introduced by the electronics in the signal path. It has already gotten very low in the top new cameras. Shot noise results from the quantum nature of light, and there is nothing that can be done to mitigate it, other than collect more signal.

Contrary to popular belief, more pixels can help. I guess another possible path is better noise-reduction software or firmware.

I am very happy with APS-C, but I suspect that the future for serious cameras is FF. If APS-C has reached its limit, the most sure path to lower noise and better IQ is a bigger sensor. APS-C is more than adequate for most photography, IMO, but customers are always going to want "better", and the camera companies are going to accommodate them.

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