Will Nikon be out of business in 5 years?

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Re: More like returning to pre-digital sales levels!

GodSpeaks wrote:

Everyone keeps talking about dropping dSLR sales, but what people forget is before digital there was a LOT more competition, and people kept their cameras for decades instead of months...we are just starting to return to that trend where people kept their cameras longer, and Nikon (like every other brand) will have to get used to the bloated sales returning to normal levels!

I agree. Digital has now reached the point where it is more than good enough for 99.9% of users.

In fact, digital now is way better than film every was, especially for the masses.

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I will take it one step farther. I will say the cameras in phones is "good enough" for most users and all that will be left is APS-c and FF whether they come in mirror or mirrorless. There won't be room for much more than that.

Everything else will be niche market,

Pocket cameras like the sony Rx100 but priced in the 100-200 dollar price range maybe able to hold their own.

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