Will Nikon be out of business in 5 years?

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Re: Go big or stay home.

aandegoons wrote:

I think Olympus and Panasonic will be the first to go. The smart phone camera is eating it's way up the ladder.

Point and shoots then MFT then Aspc.

There is no way to put a lens for MFT or higher into a smartphone (without curved sensors). Even for a 1" sensor - an interesting lens in a smartphone is not possible, and something like f/4 prime does not make sense vs 1/2.3" with f/2 prime.

And then there is tele zoom, UWA, macro etc - you can put an interesting single lens on 1" sensor, but you end up with RX10 which is already bigger and heavier than most people want their camera - and about 6 times heavier than they can tolerate their phone.

So I wouldn't worry too much about mft and bigger sensors - they only make sense as ILC systems, otherwise you end up with useless toys like Nikon A which only can do exactly the same photographically as any smartphone, and better quality or controls alone are not going to bring mass market. And even fixed-lens cameras - they simply will migrate to bigger sensors (up to 1"), added features like dials and viewfinders and large (either bright or long) zooms where smartphones cannot reach - Sony saw the light first. New kind of P&S is something in the range between Oly Stylus 1 (or Nikon P7800) and Sony RX10. And tele zoom which cannot be replicated even for lowest possible web resolution (say 640x480) by digital zoom from Nokia 1020 is becoming absolute necessity.

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