Are we too fussy about printer profiles?

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Are we too fussy about printer profiles?

I've been making  my own custom profiles for years and I've always subscribed to the "unique profile for every printer/ink/paper combination" school of thought. However, I recently made a print using the "wrong" profile and I have to say it looked pretty good! When I make a new profile I always test it by printing my version of the ColorChecker and compare it with a reference. Sometimes I will measure the CC24 print just to see how far out I am - it's normally very close.

After my "wrong profile" experience I thought I would try printing the CC24 image on a few different papers using the same profile. The profile I used was for Harman Gloss Baryta. Having measured the CC24 print I know that this one gives very accurate results - the average deltaE94 across the 24 patches is 1.1

Having made four prints I taped them to a piece of paper and scanned them all together. Here's the result.

The papers I used were:

1    Innova Warm Cotton Gloss

2    Harman Crystaljet Elite Luster

3    Canon Plus Glossy II PP-201

4    Harman Gloss Baryta

All were printed on an Epson 3800 using Inkjetfly IMA24/36 inks.

I suspect that for most users, the color rendering would be acceptable on any of these papers. Of course, pigment inks are much more tolerant than dyes when it comes to differences in papers, but I was surprised at how little visible difference there was in these prints.

As a parting shot I should say that, in spite of this, I will continue to make and use custom profiles for all the papers I use, and I will continue to check my color accuracy on a regular basis using the CC24 test image.

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