Telecentricity in Micro Four Thirds.

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And this is evident from the (extortionate for me) amount of purple fringing and distortion especially at the wide end of the zooms.

I'm not sure this isn't a product of how large and optically uncompromised the 4/3s zooms were.

rumor has it that Olympus took existing FF designs and added wideconverters (for some lenses)... rumor though.

Pretty impossibly naive rumor, though. You don't achieve the optical perfection the Oly SHG lenses represent - nor even the performance level of the HG series - via a tele-converter.

dear, wide converter - not tele converter... and wide converter specifically designed to work with the specific lens (unlike generic ones) indeed makes things better (not worse like teles)
PS: this is a note about converter, not that the rumor is true

Sorry, I typed the wrong word. Let's try 'via a converter'. Adapting the FOV of an independent lens design can only hurt resolution and distortion behavior.


1) wide converter improves resolution - unlike tele converter
2) it is not "independent lens" - it is wide converter designed to match a specific lens
again - it is not that rumor is true - it is that wide converter does things opposite to teleconverter (and that includes resolution too).

I would say in this case you cannot separate the technical aspect from the rumor itself - one disproves the other.

I can separate (effect of wide converters vs tele converters and whether it was actually done or not), if you can't that is not my issue

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