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Re: XM1 Dynamic Range ..

It would be interesting for someone with both cameras to give a review of the practical differences between them.  To begin, it is my impression that:

1. Velvia on the XM1 is less exaggerated than on the X-E1. It is therefore more useful on the X-M1.

2. The XM1 when set to DRAuto, sticks to DR200 in situations where the X-E1 would choose DR400.

3. The flattest, most unadorned "film" on the X-E1 -- Pro Negative Standard -- has no equivalent on the XM1.  In harsh, contrasty, outdoor lighting, Pro Negative Standard is sorely missed.

4. If I'm not mistaken, double-exposure mode on the X-E1 gives you a double-exposed negative (i.e. a double-exposed RAW file), but only gives a double-exposed JPEG from the XM1.

I'd be curious whether others can confirm (or contradict) any of these; they are simply my impressions. What other differences would you add to the list?

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