MILCs selling poorly relative to DSLRs

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MILCs selling poorly relative to DSLRs

I was bored so I decided to analyze the CIPA worldwide camera shipment numbers from here

This is what I found:

a) In 2012, for every unit of MILC shipped, 4.1 units of DSLR are shipped.
From Jan-Aug 2013, for every unit MILC shipped, 4.9 units of DSLR are shipped.

b) When the numbers (shipment ratio of DSLR:MILC) are analyzed on a regional level:

Japan 1.25 (2012), 1.8 (till Aug 2013)

Americas 6.75 (2012), 9.9 (till Aug 2013)

Europe 5.5 (2012), 9.6 (till Aug 2013)

Asia 3.44 (2012), 3.37 (till Aug 2013)

The rest 2.3 (2012), 3.8 (till Aug 2013)

Appears that sales of MILCs are losing steam quite rapidly in America and Europe. Even within Japan, there is a loss of interest in MILCs!

Looks like consumers are getting disillusioned and not buying into EVF technology...

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