Telecentricity in Micro Four Thirds.

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Re: Thanks for the info ...

Steve_ wrote:

And this is evident from the (extortionate for me) amount of purple fringing and distortion especially at the wide end of the zooms.

I'm not sure this isn't a product of how large and optically uncompromised the 4/3s zooms were. It's hard to correct a lens as fully when compactness and light weight are leading priorities.

Large? I don' think they were too large but I agree that maybe we as users did not appreciate fully how good those lenses were.

Take for instance the kit lenses of the 2nd generation zooms. Admittedly, the 14-42 had some distortion at the wide end but purple fringing was minimal if any at all.

In contrast, have a look at the purple fringing of the E-M5 shot in page 14 of the E-M1 review. I find it horrendous for a camera at this level and price range. Actually it reminds me of the C-5050 which was craving for purple fringing.

Perhaps, as you say, it's asking too much of the micro 4/3 lenses and of course the cost is the most important parameter. Instead, they offer software correction but if you're asking me, I'd go for uncompromised optical quality over software correction any time.

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