Will Nikon be out of business in 5 years?

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Re: welcome to the world of professional photography!

Is it doom and gloom or reality? Is obamacare good or bad? I've heard nothing good about it but I'm sure some folks like it (perhaps insurance companies that will get all those new customers?)

the car biz is doing fine...or is it? If you're suzuki it's not so good (they left the north american market)

Everyone loves walmart - unless you're a main street business when they come to town. No matter how good you are you are very likely to go out of business trying to compete with them.

When you are the only game in town you don't need to advertise too much, or be very good. As competition increases you need to get better (which almost always takes time and money) and you need to advertise/market more - tell more people more often why you are the best choice, which also costs time and money.

If you have to spend 20% more time/money on marketing to just keep your sales even from year to year to actually are taking a 20% pay cut.

THIS is the reality - for most retail photographers and now it's hitting nikon/canon.

Sorry, but when you work harder and bring in less money it's damned hard to be happy about it. And when you ask 'what to do' you get stupid answers - 'make better pictures'..uh huh, as if the best photographer (or best in ANYthing) is a guaranteed way to be rich. Is the best photog you know in your town teh richest, busiest one? Is the richest busiest guy in town the best photographer or best marketer?

Do you want to be a photographer or marketer?
Some businesses do indeed spend more on marketing than making the product/service. I don't want that for my future. Do you want it for yours?

lazy lightning wrote:

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

I increased marketing (increased my costs) and it still declined by less amount...increased marketing and reduces sales curves when overlapped don't have a good long term outcome.

By increased marketing you do mean increased number of gloom and doom posts in the Pro Digital section of DPREVIEW correct?

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