Mirrorless DSLR..sorry but they are pretty crap

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Why not accurate DOF?

PerL wrote:

But if you go by what you see in the EVF you can be fooled to overcompensate and truly blow out skies. It happened to me until I understood you cant trust the EVF in contrasty light.....

But the advantage for the EVF, here, is that they could implement any kind of exposure aid they wished, quite easily. Blinkies or live histograms are generally well understood and viable, for example, and there's got to be other ways to visually present critical information to the photographer, we simply don't know them yet.

An you cant trust it for colors, an not for DOF either.

Obviously a colour-correct display would be tough to achieve, but if done, it certainly could enable the photographer to adjust it there and then (they'd simply need intuitive and easy controls for warm/cold and cyan/magenta adjustments, and for that I'd propose something other than control dials and a thumbpad, but that's for another discussion).

But what's stopping an EVF from presenting accurate DOF? Given light sensitivity correction, even a permanent DOF preview should be viable, no? Anyhow, even the default focusing screen on an F3 won't give you reliable DOF representation with f/2.0 lenses or larger apertures. OVF focusing screens are always a compromise in this regard (and if you'd like to get rid of the split screen and diamond pattern, it certainly won't be simple).

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