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Re: Mirror Amazon on the wall, who's the fairest of 'em all?

jkoch2 wrote:

TX Gator wrote:

Any opinion on which deal is better or whether one place is better than another?

Amazon is not the best, or only, site that offers competitive prices or service. However, its customer reviews are more abundant than the others, so it is not a bad place to research cameras. Just be wary of five or one star reviews written the same day a product arrives, or occasionally before a product has been available for sale.

Some folks might rate sites by the generosity of their return policies. The right to return defective merchandise is, of course, important. However, those who treat it as a sort of "free rental" privilege confound the issue.

These days, prices appear to vary only slightly amoung on-line vendors, but occasionally one site will offer a notable discount on some models. But if any unfamiliar site appears to offer prices consistently below the others, just be wary of bait and switch tactics. The reseller ratings sites can also be somewhat polluted by friendly fake reviews.

It's the generous return policy and the fact that I've never received a used item sold as new that sets Amazon apart from bh and adorama for me.

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