Part II: Nikon wasting time & resources on a BS retro camera

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Re: Your post illustrates the d400/et all problem very well.

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*** Question to D610 / D600 owners: Does the 3 frame bracket limitation discourage you to use it or is the sensor that good that bracketing isn't required anymore? And what don't you like about that camera?

My first DSLR was Nikon's D300 (prior to that I used an OM-2n) bought in Nov '07; having no legacy lenses I jumped headfirst into Nikon's waters with no regrets (at the time). A year ago I got the D600 for the improved low light performance. I am not a pro so many features like the 3 bracket limitation are not important to me. Feature-wise I miss the dedicated ISO button the most. Since I was never impressed with Nikon's dedicated DX lens choices I invested mostly in FX glass anyway (I have the DX 35 and the 16-85), thus going from DX to FX was not a hardship lens-wise.

I have NOT been affected by the shutter oil spots, however I am not at all happy with the way Nikon left D600 owners hung-out-to-dry. Lens wise the D600 had me wanting the 16-35 and the new 80-400, but due to Nikon's customer service attitude re the D600/610 as well as the fact that current FX body + FX lens kits tend to be large and heavy (e.g. D600 + 80-400) I have chosen to hold off spending the $3450 and will consider a lightweight kit along the lines of the Olympus E-M1 (definitely eye catching to a 20 year OM-2n user).

I have no regrets buying the D600 (ignoring the D610 debacle) and recently used the D300 on an extending hiking excursion. However I will be very cautious investing in any more Nikon gear until I get a better sense of their future direction.

This is really the crux of the issue for me, and always has been. It's my loss of faith in Nikon's ability to do the "right thing" and be there for me in the future.

Too many people simply don't want to consider the fact that as a DSLR becomes less and less relevant in the future marketplace, the ONLY thing that Nikon really has going for it are the so-called "niche" markets, ie the markets where nothing else can really compete with what a DSLR will do. The d300 does things that only 1 other maker can compete with. I don't understand why Nikon doesn't pamper those users....

The service issues and other problems with the 600/d800 AF are just more things piling on to my loss of faith. An excellent d400 would go a long way to bolstering my faith and make me spend a lot more money on "new" Nikon gear.


Kerry, this is an issue with all makers. Oly users complain about the end of the OVF line, Sony the lack of NEX lenses, Pentax ... . Canon and Nikon, if you think about that, are more conservative and play along their old patterns. NIkon users may be guaranteed to have bodies that will work with very old lenses, a plus in the long run. OTOH, they have made two mistakes in my view: stopping the fast compact body lines (D300 and D700). And they were the "owners" of the segment. Why did they do it? Hard to tell. Will they ever come back with fast, well-built compact bodies again? Maybe, But the market is changing so fast that I bet they are wondering exactly where to go. The impending release of a retro-styled body should not be read in any way as some major shift, it's just Nikon paying homage to their tradition of making a body that will work with most lenses they have made.

Just like the D300 users complain about the lack of a successor, others complain that there is no APS-C ML. Or about some other missing species. I agree that the lack of a D400 is probably the biggest mistake Nikon have made since I began following them. Still trying to understand.

Still trying to understand too. And than you have those that bow down to Nikon and praise every move they make.

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