Mirrorless DSLR..sorry but they are pretty crap

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Where did you get that idea?

White balance? On a non corrected screen?

Yes, it's amazing, I can actually see if the WB is incorrect on the EVF on all of my mirrorless cameras that use an EVF. WYSIWYG innit...

Unless Nikon changes how it displays the image on the OVF (ie, not using a JPEG), you are at the mercy of trying to discern this by staring through a little display. You're better off (but still likely not correct) by looking at the back LCD (assuming the camera has one).

Dynamic Range? On a tiny little non corrected screen?

Again, yes, I can see what the final image will look like on the EVF. It isn't the actual final image, but again, its correct.

No - the DR of the EVF is less than the sensor, so it is not WYSIWYG.

Yes, but the DR of your eyes is different to the sensor too...

My point is simply that the image on the EVF gives a better idea of over and under exposure than an OVF. I don't hate OVFs per se, but I've using the VF in my X100S to get the benefits of both.

But if you go by what you see in the EVF you can be fooled to overcompensate and truly blow out skies. It happened to me until I understood you cant trust the EVF in contrasty light. An you cant trust it for colors, an not for DOF either.

I rather doubt it. Even if you could somehow show a gamut like ProRGB on the EVF, the resolution of the display would be too small make decisions about it.

Nikon could show a histogram based off the RAW data, not the JPEG data. That would allow you to determine if the camera was utilize all of the sensor's range. But they could do with without an EVF.

I think there's a big difference between an image that's accurate and one that's simply helpful to frame and take a great photo. I'm afraid I'm not sure what you mean related to the kind of high contrast scenes above. Sure, you could do what you describe, but experience tells me how much to adjust (or, more likely, to switch to spot). You get a far better (than none) view of the colours of the final image through the EVF. It isn't going to save you from the WB being a fraction wrong, but it will tell you if the camera has been thrown by mixed lighting etc.

To be clear, while I don't find using an EVF in any way challenging, I'm not claiming I want an EVF DSLR (I tried the Sony Sony A77).  Rather that something like the X100S hybrid VF would be a great aid. Sounds like Nikon agrees.

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