Mirrorless DSLR..sorry but they are pretty crap

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Re: EVFs..sorry but they are pretty great

sgoldswo wrote:

Yes (although I don't agree about the Epson VF you refer to), but there are also times when an OVF is also terrible: it doesn't show you the correct DOF, the exposure may not be correct, it cannot have the variety of overlay information supplied by an EVF, it doesn't allow for the variety of MF aids that are available.

Actually there should in theory be very little stopping anyone from making a full pixel matrix overlay within an OVF using the same translucent LCD that current DSLRs have (to show framing guides, AF points etc). You could make an LCD that has a full dot matrix, side-light it and go nuts displaying as much info as you want.

Edit: Just noticed Mr Chlamchowder already made this point in his excellent reply.

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