Am I buying a wide gamut monitor for the right reason?

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Re: Am I buying a wide gamut monitor for the right reason?

bananahead wrote:

Ife Emeribe wrote:

I spoke to NEC on the phone, and they confirmed that Spectraview versions of the monitors are required to configure the hardware LUT. Also my ColorMunki photo will work with their software. They also explained new models are coming out.

With that issue resolved I just need to figure if it is all worth it. I am also wondering if being able to program hardware LUT is that much better than the approach on the gfx card; can anyone comment on this?

According to the NEC website the spectraview just gives you the calibration kit - software and puck - but you can simply buy the software and use your own puck.

In the US yes.  The situation is different in Europe.  In Europe we have different Spectraview software and specific Spectraview monitors which are the only ones allowing full hardware calibration.

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