Do you need EVF these days?

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Re: Do you need EVF these days?

I haven't time to read all through this thread so I may be repeating what many have said - As an older photographer I can't use an LCD as my eyes don't focus that close without my reading glasses & I don't want to be constantly taking them on and off.

The other disadvantages are the - to me - "odd" way you have to hold the camera, doesn't seem very stable, but as others have pointed out some people do a) manage & b) need to use it that way, especially video users - I very rarely use video so not for me. On my A57 the rear screen spends 90% of it's time folded back into the camera & I do everything through the EVF.

As part of Dyxum's Octoberfest I've been using my older A700 which has a good OVF & it's different, not better, not worse, just different but I will be happy to go back to the EVF later this week !

Conclusion - the future for photographers is EVF, with the rider that video users might disagree !

Keep shooting, whatever you use


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