Mirrorless DSLR..sorry but they are pretty crap

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Re: With respect...

chlamchowder wrote:

Where did you get that idea?

White balance? On a non corrected screen?

Yes, it's amazing, I can actually see if the WB is incorrect on the EVF on all of my mirrorless cameras that use an EVF. WYSIWYG innit...

I have not tried one EVF camera where the captured image as displayed in the EVF is identical to the preview before I hit the button. It comes closer on newer models, but it's still not that accurate.

Again, yes, I can see what the final image will look like on the EVF. It isn't the actual final image, but again, its correct.

No, it's a rough approximation at best. It might be useful if you're only shooting JPG and find a rough guess acceptable. However, if you're shooting raw and post processing, that preview means very little.

Sorry, you mistake what I said, I said I can see if the WB is incorrect. That's true because the image has a cast. It may not be move the sliders in LR accurate, but I can see if tungsten lighting has thrown the camera off.

No, the image on the cameras screen is still much more useful for DR purposes because you can see areas of over and under exposure (and a histogram) on the EVF. if that isn't useful, even to someone who processes from RAW, I don't know what is.

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