Should Sony buy Tesla Motors?

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Re: Should Sony buy Tesla Motors?

a1man wrote:

I was reading a serious advice from a market expert for Apple to buy Tesla.

He thinks Apple needs new sources of revenue and phones are not that profitable anymore.

He is on crack. iPhone is still by far the most profitable electronics consumer good around, cost of making one is about 180 USD and they retail for 600 (either customer pay outright or carrier subsdise, but either way the money comes out of customer's pocket).

But that doesnt mean buying Tesla is a bad idea - it isnt. I just dont think Musk is interested in selling. He is not short on money and he started Tesla to change the world, not just get rich.

If Sony buys Tesla and keeps innovating with Elon Musk, we could end up with great photo devices and automobiles at the same time which would be A win win case:)

Much of Tesla's appeal is that it is a true American brand (on top of it being green and super fast and reasonable cheap after credits). "Japanese owned" just doesnt have the same ring.

I am not sure if Sony has enough money but I thinkSony more suitable company to buy Tesla than apple.

In due time, it will be Tesla that buys Sony.

On a serious note, I think unless Tesla gets into serious financial trouble it will not sell to anyone. Why? because the last thing Elon Musk want, and many people around the world want, is for the new owner to sell Tesla to the automotive industry at twice the price and have it quickly dismantled and disabled. That is what happened to Ovonics battery. It set back the worlds break away from oil addiction by a good 10 years at the least.

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