How does Fuji compare to Full Frame?

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Re: How does Fuji compare to Full Frame?

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I just purchased a Canon 70D after much contemplation about my next camera. I had a 5D Mark II, but was looking for the best compromise between fast operation, good video and image quality. The Canon 70D is sensational when it comes to overall operation, but the image quality lets down, with very limited dynamic range. For this reason, I am willing to go back to FF. The 6D is a good alternative (although I would sorely miss the brilliant video autofocus of the 70D), but I heard that the Fuji x trans sensors come close to FF quality. I am attracted to the compact, retro style bodies and manual control. I would be willing to sacrifice good video, if I get great FF like image quality from the Fuji bodies.

Can anyone comment on this please? Especially in terms of highlight and shadow recovery. How well is details at these extremes recovered from RAW files?


Its better than my D700 and not as good as my D800.

But if I print up to 24", I cant see much difference from a D800 (and none if I look at it from a normal distance).

The only difference is theoretical background blur advantage to Nikon, but this is wiped out because most Nikon primes are pretty poor wide open. The Fuji 35mm is fine, you can shoot at F1.4 with complete confidence (no focus shift either) whereas my 50 F1.4 needs stopping down to F2 to remove bokeh fringing and improve contrast. So it's a wash. Even my 85 has so much purple fringing wide open I have to stop that down as well. No such issues with the 60mm, and I suspect the upcoming 56 F1.2 will be in a different league....

Get the Xe2 though, I think you will find the operation speed is much improved.

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