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KCook wrote:

Video lights can be fun, I have one for my DSLR. But that little freebie will be weak, useful only for closeups. I got a much nicer one, purchased new, for under $40. The software in the other offer is not in wide use at all. I've never seen anything posted on it, have no idea how well it works. Your camera will come with it's own software disk in any event, no matter who you buy it from.

It does sound like you are about equi-distant from everybody! I stick with Amazon and Adorama because of good experience with both. The others may be equally good, I just haven't gotten around to trying them yet.

I had an old (now obsolete) Sony DSLR, now shoot with a Canon. The Sony was Ok, but I like the default colors from my Canon better. And it's easier to shop for lenses for Canon. I would be curious to know where the T2i disappointed you. Even though the A65 is a new design, with a better sensor, its main advantages will be limited to auto focusing during video. In any other regards the improvements over the T2i will be incremental, not dramatic.


I have good photo editing software, so if the free one isn't a superb software, I'm tempted to skip it. I couldn't really find much information on it when I looked online.

The T2i has trouble with the auto-focus (with multiple lenses) and the built-in flash regularly freezes up the camera. It was one of the first ones ("0" serial number) and apparently the early models have a lot of these issues that cannot be fixed. I wondered if it was user error, so I lent it to a friend who is a professional photographer who uses Canon and she had similar issues.

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