How does Fuji compare to Full Frame?

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Re: How does Fuji compare to Full Frame?

marike6 wrote:

Emacs23 wrote:

Full frame image will likely be:

  1. Will have more than a stop better low light sensitivity (don't forget Fuji claims on better high ISO sensitivity than other APS-Cs are left claims only, once their tricks have been discovered and more advanced denoisers such as Prime from DxO Optics 9 have been released and they are just not available for XTrans). It will likely have better DR and tonality range as well.

Fujifilm's claims are backed up by side-by-side RAW files with other APS-C cameras as RAW files most certainly appear to have less luminance and chroma noise at pretty much every ISO setting (See DPReview's RAW Studio Scene).

People say many things. I bought X-E1 and did some side-by-side shooting, and it's clear that Fuji doesn't really stand out, it's pretty much in the same ballpark as any other camera with APS-C Sony sensor: Though their unorthodox CFA and processing made certain things in certain situations worse than in cameras with traditional bayer CFA. Bayer CFA in many respects is optimal, Fuji for the sake of avoiding AA filter sacrificed the image quality, no wonder their low end X-A1 actually often looks better than X-E1.

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