About wide vs. small gamuts, 8 vs. 16-bit &sRGB vs. Adobe'98

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Re: About wide vs. small gamuts, 8 vs. 16-bit &sRGB vs. Adobe'98

Magne, After reading your writing and all of the messages I would add another comment. People sometimes should rely less on general rules than on looking at the scene and figuring out what is best. Depending on the image content, I might go either with sRGB or Adobe. From most of my landscape work in the southwest US, sRGB is best as there don't tend to be colors that push the gamut. As you note, I then get the advantage of better tonal resolution. In other cases, like doing flowers with green leaves, then Adobe RGB (1998) is usually best. When I am not sure, I tend towards Adobe RGB (1998) to cover my bets and then use Photoshop adjustments and rendering intent to go to the eventual smaller print space. Of course, this all is a great argument for doing raw as you can defer the decision until you can see the image on a monitor. I did enjoy this and your other contributions. Leon

Magne Nilsen wrote:

(This is an early preview of an article that soon will appear on
the http://www.etcetera.cc site)


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