On my second D600: Broken diopter adjustment

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Re: Broken diopter adjustment? - try a fully charged camera battery

I have had my D3200 for about a month now and had set the diopter adjustment at the outset so that the image in the optical viewfinder was in focus when the camera was focussed on the subject.  Today, I found that it was out of focus and I had to turn the diopter adjustment anticlockwise all the way to the limit.  At that point it was in focus again.  I wear glasses when I use the camera.

I thought this was rather strange so searched the internet for information on setting the diopter adjustment on Nikon cameras and found this thread.

The only thing I could think of was to put in a fresh battery.  The one in the camera was showing only one bar but was still capable of taking photos (even with flash).  However, once I put the fresh battery in, the viewfinder (with the diopter wound all the way to one end) was out of focus again and had to be turned clockwise just over half-way to get the focus back.  That's how it should be (and how it was when the camera was new).

So, if you are having problems with the diopter adjustment, my suggestion would be to charge the camera battery or put a freshly charge battery in (you have a spare one don't you!!).

Perhaps the issues with the new D600 diopter adjustment might have been caused by the purchaser being too keen to try the camera out and not charging the camera battery before use?

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