How does Fuji compare to Full Frame?

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Re: How does Fuji compare to Full Frame?

Emacs23 wrote:

Full frame image will likely be:

  1. Will have more than a stop better low light sensitivity (don't forget Fuji claims on better high ISO sensitivity than other APS-Cs are left claims only, once their tricks have been discovered and more advanced denoisers such as Prime from DxO Optics 9 have been released and they are just not available for XTrans). It will likely have better DR and tonality range as well.

Fujifilm's claims are backed up by side-by-side RAW files with other APS-C cameras as RAW files most certainly appear to have less luminance and chroma noise at pretty much every ISO setting (See DPReview's RAW Studio Scene).

Not sure what "tricks" you are referring to but as much as I loved my D7000, RAWs from the X-E1 seem show less Luminance and Chroma Noise at higher ISO settings. That's just the way it is.

Claims about "cooking RAW files" are almost always made by fans of other system and are truly not relevant, IMHO since it's IQ that the end user is interested in not how the various manufacturers achieve that IQ.

After the fact denoisers like Prime from DxO Optics are totally irrelevant.  The question was about IQ and RAW sensor performance of APS-C vs FF, not post processing NR tools like Prime.

On DxOMark, the better APS-C cameras like the D7100 score 1256 ISO Low-Light ISO (Sports) score. A FF like the D800E scores 2979 ISO. I'm guessing that if DxOMark tested the X-E1 / X-Pro1, it would score somewhere between the D800E and D7100 but it's anyone's guess if its score would be closer to the D7100 or the D800E.

Considering that on the same DxOMark tests, the FF Sony A99 gets around 1555 ISO Low-Light ISO (Sports) score, and the Leica M 1860 ISO Low-Light ISO (sports) score, it's not out of the question to estimate that the Fujifilm X-E1 and X-Pro1 could score somewhere near these two FF cameras.

But who knows or even cares.  The IQ is absolutely outstanding with all of the X-mount cameras.  Is IQ from the X cameras as good as the best FF cameras in all ways?  No.  The question is does it matter for your photography and are differences noticeable in prints.

All the best.

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