Best Online Store to Purchase?

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Re: Best Online Store to Purchase?

"Junk" is a strong word, but those items are not highly prized by serious photographers.  I end up most often at Amazon, once in a while at Adorama (the replacement policies are different).  Are you in the western US (Samys), or upper mid-west (Calumet)?  Buying from an outfit that is not distant not only cuts down on the delivery time, also less thump and bump for the package and it contents.

Kelly Cook

I suppose "junk" was too harsh, but you know how some freebies are better than others. I'm not a professional by any means, just a hobby and trying to get the best pics I can of my family. I'm upgrading from the Canon T2i which I have been very dissatisfied with. I'm in Texas, so none of the big name camera shops are local (that I know of).

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