Olympus profit - the cat is out of the bag (a little early)

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Re: Camera division = Medical division R&D

peevee1 wrote:

Lab D wrote:

peevee1 wrote:

Oly swears to release April-September 2013 report Nov 8th, but the reports are already in:

"Olympus' operating profit increased 70% to some JPY 30 billion (USD 306 million), topping forecasts by JPY 3 billion (USD 31 million)."

Of course, it is mostly due to medical stuff (being most of their business), and would be interesting to see how camera division is doing compared to others - but the company as a whole is healthy.

The camera division does not need to profit according to Olympus. They said it is the R&D for the highly profitable medical division.

We will see. I doubt it really works like that - real engineers sitting there developing the bodies, lenses and firmware bring nothing to medical systems.

Can you say 5 axis IS?

Can you say image processor chips?

Can you say image processor engine?

All are very significant to endoscope tech. You didn't really think when you posted eh?

But the camera division as a whole in a restructuring mode, as in any camera maker with half a brain (given that most P&S cameras are being discontinued). For m43 users it would be more interesting to see the results from their m43 cameras and lenses. Apr-Sep'13 should not be as good as Apr-Sep'12, because they did not have just released E-M5 this time around, and E-P5 released in May was (and is) WAY overpriced for what it is - probably did not generate even 1/10th of the sales of E-M5 in the first months after release. E-M1 is not going to be as successful as E-M5 either, and started selling just now - so would not affect Apr-Sep results too much. And E-M5 is too old now to generate a lot of sales, especially given that it is not deeply discounted in the way Pana G-line usually is.

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