Should Sony buy Tesla Motors?

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Re: Should Sony buy Tesla Motors?

a1man wrote:

I was reading a serious advice from a market expert for Apple to buy Tesla.

He thinks Apple needs new sources of revenue and phones are not that profitable anymore. Interesting idea but I think Sony buying Tesla is more interesting. Two companies are similar, they are both very innovative, they take big risks. They fight against established industries, Tesla fights all gas engine car makers, Sony fights Nikon and canon. If Sony buys Tesla and keeps innovating with Elon Musk, we could end up with great photo devices and automobiles at the same time which would be A win win case:)

I am not sure if Sony has enough money but I thinkSony more suitable company to buy Tesla than apple.

This sounds crazy but so are a7 and model s!


I think it's the wrong direction for Sony, I just can't see people wanting to buy a SONY car, an apple car maybe as the brand is that much cooler amongst what would be the target audience.

I think it could be a possibility for apple to go down this road in the future(excuse the pun), but to be honest if they were ever to make the iCar, I think they'd just start from the ground up and do it their way, not pick up where someone else left off.

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