Photographers or business analysts?

Started Oct 29, 2013 | Discussions thread
jkoch2 Senior Member • Posts: 1,198
Photography IS business

Photography is not any different than businesses related to tires, tooth paste, pizza, or any other consumer product.

Cameras exist, or develop, mainly as a function of market demand, returns on capital, and research that is dependent on the other variables.  Otherwise, there would be only home-made pin-holes with primitive film or sensors.

Right now, cameras in general are more at risk than some products or services due to the massive shift in market deman in favor of smart phones.

Many traditional niches in photography (film development, photo journalism) have been decimated by ditigal technology.  People with established franchises or reputations might be able to hang on, but barely, and the field can't be very welcoming to newcomers.

Honestly, there is little about all the pixel-peeping techno-babble that has any more merit than what people argue (with good information or bad) about the business side of photography.  The main difference is that there is no objective way to settle opinions about the merits of camera X or lens Y, and plenty of people have only sour things to say about pictures they see, but money really can be counted.

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