Photographers or business analysts?

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Times do change, and all should be aware

Richard Weisgrau wrote:

I don't know about others, but I am a photographer.

Nikon would prefer to you be less generic.

We can all claim some sort of existential identity, tribal totem, wear a T-shirt with a slogan, chose a headstone epitaph, be a fan of this or that, or opine about winged pigs, but what we "are" economically is whatever enables us to pay rent. That, believe it or not, evolves continuously and is subject to "creative destruction" or impersonal winds of fate.

I have been in the business for 48 years. I have heard the predictions of the demise of the profession over and over again throughout that time.

Kodak is a live, well, and living in Rochester? Decline in camera manufacturer profits a myth? The Argus C3 still a best seller?

All those predictions were wrong.

Film alive and well? Photogs for daily papers thriving. Wedding photographers earning more than ever from hefty print albums?

Unfortunately, the Internet has given voice to a huge number of opinionated people who have no credentials to back up their opinions.

And there are people with credentials without any useful opinion they can support by evidence, but

Now there are some business analysts out there, but much of the analysis I read is speculation developed without proper research.

Canon, Nikon, Ricoh-Pentax, Sony, Olympus, Samsung, Apple, Nokia, and many other makers of devices with image-capture are public corporations with investor relations sites that publish quarterly financial information.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes annual data that surveys occupations and salaries by year, region, and percentile.

And then there are people with all kinds of opinions about high ISO photos blown up to pixel level, or love their camera.

I'll agree that people whose views derive only from pixel peeping or GAS aren't necessarily savvy about business, but a few may be.

Fortunately, I have learned to disregard that stuff.

Though you may not believe it, the camera industry derives from sales and profits. Photography business hitched to real estate certainly its ups and downs.

Any codger with laurels and home equity to sit on can be serenely different about pretty much anything.

Anyone starting out, on the other hand, might consider a less penurous field than photography, and be wary of stocks too, but also not be afraid to judge whether an emperor wears robes or rags.

Times do change.

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