Part II: Nikon wasting time & resources on a BS retro camera

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Re: Part II: Nikon wasting time & resources on a BS retro camera

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I purchased a D600 a few months ago. I love the camera (it does have some dust and oil issues but I can clean the camera's sensor). It is not the replacement for a D300 though.

The sensor when cropped to DX is about the size of a D200 and the dynamic range is great. You could do wonders with either in full frame or DX. My issue is shooting birds and things in the distance. I get more keepers with the D300. I also like the controls on the D300 better. Things like changing between spot, matrix and center weighted metering, picture modes, and the like. I was better able to accomplish those type of changes on the fly with the D300. There also more shutter lag when some settings are active as compared to the same settings with a D300. I've had the D600 long enough that I do not feel it is a user issue as much as a layout issue. These are tools a more advanced photographer work with.

I noticed the controls are different and some settings require an extra step or two. Like changing the AF points from Auto to Single on the rear control. That's gone. On the D610, it requires pressing the AF/M button on the lower left side near lens mount and than rotating the dials on the upper right of body near grip.

That AF/M button is also on the D4. (And D7000 and D7100 . . . ) So "if" a D400 comes out, I suspect it will have the same AF/M switch . . .

I agree. The D7100 has it as well. I tried it at Best Buy

Yeah. Same here . . . I sat there probably half an hour playing with the D7000 way back when . . . I live literally across the street from a BestBuy. Literally . . . no word of a lie . . . <grin>

And the switch seemed pretty well thought out . . .

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