Photographers or business analysts?

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Re: Photographers or business analysts?

RhysM wrote:

v1fan wrote:

Are we photographers or business analysts?

With all these industry news articles and blogers forecasting and pretending to be some sort of authority on photography market, it makes one wonder... What does all of this have to do with photography?

Some of the smarter photographers are realising the professional photography market is overcrowded and potentially dying, certainly shrinking. They have realised to get out of the rat race, the future of their revenue stream will ideally transition to being photography commentators giving a professional opinion on cameras for consumers to buy, doing promotional videos for manufacturers, running workshops, publishing books, getting commission through "click to buy" referrals on their blogs, etc.

A bit like football players turning commentators when they retire, but in the case of photography it's the "game" that's approaching retirement, not the players.

And the smartest part is, even if they are wrong they will have a bigger reputation in the industry as a pseudo celeb and will be able to transition back in to actual photography work and charge more than they did before.

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