Will Nikon be out of business in 5 years?

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Re: Canon and Nikon will be the last to go.

jkoch2 wrote:

It's not about a "jump to mirrorless" but a consumer stampede to smart phones, which makes just about any kind of traditional camera more difficult to sell than before.

Better to read the entire article linked at the start of this thread.

Yeah, it's a Financial Post article from several weeks ago. The Financial Post is a second-tier business news publication here in Canada. Fun to read, but not the most reliable source of information.

It's not at all clear that the decline in DSLR sales has anything at all to do with smart phone cameras. In fact, it's entirely attributable to the global economy and a much longer upgrade cycle as the technology matures. It's also possible that down the road, smart phones will get more people interested in photography and looking to buy more serious cameras.

In any event, my point was: if the market does continue to shrink dramatically, Canon and Nikon are the most likely to remain standing. They have the brand recognition and the customer base. It's the smaller players that are in trouble.

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