How does Fuji compare to Full Frame?

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Re: For high ISO, probably better than any APS-C camera...

mr moonlight wrote:

FF simply gives you different DOF qualities at different apertures for different focal lengths. Nothing more. Pixel peepers can argue forever about how one has more dynamic range, or one has better detail, but that's all pretty meaningless since today's APS-C out performs yesterdays FF sensors. Can you take great shots with both? Of course. It's simply a different format and neither is better than the other. If fine detail is so important to you, suck it up and shell out for a MF camera. The detail you get out of a Phase one will smash any FF camera into oblivion.

Some prefer FF some APS-C, some don't notice the difference.

"FF simply gives you different DOF qualities at different apertures for different focal lengths. Nothing more."?? I disagree with you. With "yesterday's " cameras yes, but not with today's cameras.

I own Fuji X10 and i love it because it is so compact and it gives me very nice super sharp image quality, but this, and the X-E1, nor the Xpro1 match what's available in FF now. And it is not just about image quality, or just "different DOF and apertures for different focal lengths". No sir! It also has to do with the way those bodies alone feel on your hand, the HUGE view finder, and not to mention the high ISO capabilities, among other things.

Eventually and again some day, i am sure fuji or any other company will have sensors that will match the performance of "the current" FF cameras, and things will continue going in a loop, just as they are now.  Everything has a begining, and everything has an end!

Me, i have decided to jump into the awesome Canon 6d, along with my beloved compact X10

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