Will Nikon be out of business in 5 years?

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always be cameras for enthusiasts

jkoch2 wrote:

Red5TX wrote:

I'm not a Nikon shooter and don't have a dog in this fight,

Unless you use a phone camera only, or don't need to defend an investment in lenses, or worry whether you're DSLR bodies will eventually cease to function, perhaps you do have a dog to defend.

I'm not actually worried about that. There will always be devices for enthusiast and advanced photographers because there will always be a market for them.

The question is what those devices will be like and which companies will figure out what they should be like. I think Jeff is right that there's a very real possibility that those companies may not be any of the current camera makers. On the other hand, they might be some, or even most, of the current camera makers. There are precedents for both scenarios.

But I don't really care whose camera I'll be using in 15 years. If it's a Nikon, great. If it's a Google-Flex, great. If it's a Foxconn-o-matic, that's great, too. As long as it gives me capabilities that make me happy, I'm sold.

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