Will Nikon be out of business in 5 years?

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Re: Dog Fight

jkoch2 wrote:

Red5TX wrote:

I'm not a Nikon shooter and don't have a dog in this fight,

Unless you use a phone camera only, or don't need to defend an investment in lenses, or worry whether you're DSLR bodies will eventually cease to function, perhaps you do have a dog to defend. Profits on dedicated cameras are down just about everywhere, for all manufacturers. Canon and Nikon are the least impaired, which makes doomsday scenarios a bit less likely, but a serious possibility nonetheless.

I actually think we're looking at two different questions:

1. Will cameras as we know them survive into the future?  You're right, I have an interest in the answer to this question.

2. If yes, which camera companies will survive?  I do not have any interest in Nikon surviving into the future.*  My comments reflect my opinion of Nikon's chances vis a vis the industry as a whole.

* I guess I do own a P7700, but it's a stand-alone model so I don't really care if Nikon keeps making them.

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