What features would you like to see in a New Wireless Memory Card?

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What features would you like to see in a New Wireless Memory Card?


We are developing a new wireless storage card for photo/video equipment and would love to get community opinion on most useful features, capturing your pain points, use cases and suggestions.

Let us know how we can make your life much easier

See below some assumptions and provide feedback or rate from 1 (not important) to 10 (very important):

  1. WiFi setup/config should be quick and simple.
  2. Card to workstation transfer rates should be higher than they are now.
  3. I want to know how much storage left on card
  4. Card wear status should be provided, notifying customer that memory card is about to fail.
  5. Automatic move of files from the card to designated space, freeing up the card for new shots.
  6. Card casing from recycled paper. Is green aspect important at all?
  7. What is more important: more GBs, better I/O in MB/s, or reliability in MTBF?
  8. Social Media sharing
  9. What camera type would you use with wireless card?
  10. In what cases would you find wireless memory card most useful?
  11. Immediate transfer to social media.
  12. Wireless range should be around above 25m.

take it easy,

Kevin Grant

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