Raw's and initial thoughts on the Fuji 23mm 1.4 lens..

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Re: Raw's and initial thoughts on the Fuji 23mm 1.4 lens..

I'm surprised at your comment regarding sharpness wide open (DSF0033). The sign, which was obviously the focal point, is tack sharp. It's pretty common knowledge that RAF's need a bit of sharpening. In Lightroom, it looks great with +50/.08/25, but in Iridient Developer using the L-R sharpening, you can even make out the fine texture of the little wire cable ties that secure the sign at the top and bottom! And the rusty painted metal sign post has enough micro detail to make my eyes bleed.

The image is overexposed by about 1 stop, which is why there is some "blooming" around the letters and a perception of being slightly soft, but bringing up the highlight recovery and dropping the exposure a bit fixes that, and really brings the image alive.

I'm most blown away by the "3D" quality of the image. Incredible for a wide lens on APS-C. Now if Amazon would just ship the darn thing!

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