What to do... 20f28 or 16-50pz

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Re: What to do... 20f28 or 16-50pz

ryansholl wrote:

Had an a7r preordered, decided it wasn't time for that expenditure.

I've decided instead to spend 1/8th as much and pick up a lens that makes the smaller of my nex cams (two C3s) pocketable and still perform well on my larger nex (7).
What are everyone's experiences with the two lenses on these two cams? I've done my due diligence in looking at sample photos, but am sure I've missed particularly good reviews on either of the cameras.
Any experienced opinion or directing to good info on these camera/lens combos is much appreciated.
I've got all the lenses I need when it comes to image quality. I'm specifically looking for pocketability and general useability on both cameras. I'm assuming that both are coat pocketable, and I'll readily admit that a zoom range in general is enticing (though I almost solely shoot with primes - is 20 too wide?).
Thanks in advance!

Do an image search on Sam Abell who is a well known Nat Geo photographer and whose images you'll instantly recognize when you see them. He shoots mostly with a 28mm lens on full frame which equates approximately to 20mm on your NEX. If you think his shots are too wide then you have your answer.

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